Standard Terms & Conditions

Before you use or service, we will require you to agree to our Service Agreement. This agreement will include the Terms and Conditions.

Please note that the following is an excerpt and does not constitute the full terms:

Here is an example of our T & Cs:

TERMS (Part 1)

The terms provided will specify the nature of the agreement, the definitions of key terms, and the responsibilities of both parties. It will include the type of Virtual Assistant your company will engage and the activities they will complete.

Parties: Service from Relav8 Pty Ltd and (Adviser/Practice) Your Business Name

Activities (Example):

Data entry, insurance administration, and processing service, described as “Virtual Assistant.” The company (Relav8 Pty Ltd) will process the Practice’s insurance policies, transactions, and administration.

Payments: The practice agrees to pay the company a set fee for services. (As presented by your Account Manager)

Please be aware that these are not the full terms of the agreement.

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