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Identifying a gap in the Insurance assistant market, we set out to build a team of talented results-driven specialists, trained using broker-specific software and 247 Systems.

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Laura Koehler

I started working with Relav8 from the beginning, it was the opportunity to work remotely and the flexibility that had me sold. At the time I had a small side hustle and this gave me the freedom to work on both, win win!

I’m now in to my 6th year and work solely within Relav8 and honestly it just keeps getting better, with amazing job perks and earning opportunities the crew is also second to none. Working from home can be isolating but we have managed to build a team of people who are dedicated, honest, hard working and also love a bit of banter, it makes jumping on each morning easy and exciting.

I enjoy a wonderful work/life balance and love being able to work from anywhere in the world and all that is needed is my laptop. I’ve learnt so much in a brand new industry and look forward to many more years as the company expands and grows.

Thinking of it now, I feel that this was where I was meant to be. I am very lucky to have been given an opportunity to work with Relav8. In the 4+ years, I learned a lot, both professionally and personally. They have been very patient.

I have never been in a company where in they treat you as a family. It helped us get through the pandemic when my husband lost his job. We were able to keep our house and make the payments. Working with Relav8 has been a huge blessing to me.

I didn’t know how to lead a team, as I am used to having someone lead for me, but they trusted me and taught me how. I owe so much to them, and I am looking forward to many more years to serve Relav8, applying everything that they have taught me.

Jilianne Yu

I could tell you so many good things about working here but I am here to tell you the journey I took that made me what I am today. It was not easy at first, especially for someone like me whose forte is not communication. But as time goes by, I learned not to be intimidated but to contribute and express my ideas.

I am grateful that even with my little knowledge about some topics, still the trust that they put on me has been very encouraging and I can say it helped me push through difficulties.What I absolutely appreciate with this company is that they are open to questions and making mistakes.

Steve said something along the lines of “never be afraid to make mistakes instead, learn from them”. That statement alone made me look up to him more. I look forward to more years working with him and this company.

Janine Raya

Cyna Morona

During the Covid pandemic, some businesses were closing, and then a friend told me about Relav8. It was a whole new experience for me, but they were all so patient and understanding with the training.

In addition, my team leader is always there to guide and support me. If there’s something I don’t know how to do, they are there to mentor me. I’ve learned a lot from the people I work with here.

Aside from that, the company culture motivates me to find equilibrium in everything I do. I’ve become more confident in my skills because of the training provided by the company and the experiences I’ve had while working here. The sense of belonging to a family where you feel accepted and supported by Relav8 feels like a home to me.

Mary Angelou

I started working at Relav8 on July 13 2021. I started with Renewals trained by Laura and Jilianne. With great bosses, me and my partner were able to arrange our long-planned wedding. As time goes by, I’m happy as Jill, Sam and Laura taught and shared their knowledge with me.

I was able to try different types of processes to further understand the cycle of policies, from beginning to end.

After a year of working withRelav8, we were able to get our dream house. Working with Relav8 is a blessing to me and my family. I am looking forward to many more years with Relav8. Thank you. Thank you!

Linda Sloan - CPO

Linda has been in varouis people management roles for the last 35 years. Linda has worked in the food service, retail, logistics, and insurance industry.

Linda is also a director of a number of companies and has had senior roles in both Australia and New Zealand.
“I believe the key to being a good CPO, is you need to rely on part intuition and part experience. I like to give people a go, to watch them grow and gain experience and know we had a part in that. “

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Our goal at Relav8 is to make a Brokers job easier by getting shit done. Our virtual assistants help in a timely manner with everything from lead conversion, email communications, and debtors to processing, quoting, and calling insurers to do the Grunt work (saving hours of hold time)

Whether you need someone on a full time part-time or casual basis, Relav8ers are available from 6am to 8pm or you can choose the transactional route in which our team processes your request on a policy base.

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